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SlotCharts Newsletter: Issue 5 (May 8, 2006)

In this issue:
1. Millionaires Club, and an exlusive bonus offer
2. What about Jack in the Box?
3. New Interactive Slots at
4. Video poker progressive lovers get a new option

Wow, time sure flies by. It's been over 3 years since I published an issue of this newsletter. By now, I assume you had all decided this site was just on auto-pilot. That's not exactly true, as I've still been busy making sure the game tracking works as intended, and I've added quite a few new games since the last newsletter as well. But I've definitely been ignoring the newsletter side of the site, a fact that I hope to remedy on an ongoing basis. Enough of that... On to the news!

1. Millionaires Club, and an exclusive bonus offer

If you've dropped by the site lately, you have probably noticed a monster jackpot climbing up the rankings. Millionaires Club is a progressive slot game offered at Cryptologic casinos. As I write this, this jackpot has grown to a massive $2.6 Million value and it's still climbing. (View SlotCharts stats). This game has hit twice before in the two years since it was introduced, once at $400K and again at $1.7M. When it hits this time, it will set an all-time record for online casino payouts.

There are two versions of this game, an older single-line 3-reel game and a newer 9-line 5 reel video slot version. They are both attached to the same jackpot, but I find the 9-line game to be more fun. The jackpot is part of the bonus feature, which is reached by getting three Millionaires Club symbols scattered anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5. That starts the bonus feature which is a "Wheel of Fortune"-like game. With 3 tiers of prize wheels, you win the jackpot by advancing all the way to the innermost wheel and then landing on an arrow that points to the jackpot. You can win the jackpot even with a minimum bet of $0.10 on a single line, although betting more lines and higher denominations increases the probability of the life-changing jackpot.

Now, about that exclusive bonus offer. Just in time to chase this record-setting jackpot, I've arranged for a special exclusive bonus offer with Sands of the Caribbean and Omni Casino. The offer is a 100% match bonus, good for initial deposits up to $500. The bonus is released by playing 25x the bonus amount on slots only. (Their normal offer is limited to $100, so to get this special offer you must use these links!) The casino websites don't show any information about this special offer, so if you have questions you'll need to contact customer support at the casino.

Here are the links:

Get the bonus of up to $500 at Sands of the Caribbean.

Get the bonus of up to $500 at Omni Casino.

While you're there, be sure to also try a few spins on the Shoot-A-Rama game, which is also among the best ranked progressives right now. With a current jackpot of more than $125,000, this game has only been this high on 3 previous occasions since we started tracking it 4 years and 29 jackpots ago.

2. What about Jack in the Box?

So, just why are the #1 and #2 highest ranked games both Jack in the Box slots at Boss Media casinos? Well, based on the SlotCharts scoring system, both the 50c and 25c versions of this game are long past their average hit value. But I'm not sure they really deserve this top billing. After all, the last jackpot hit on these games was more than a year ago, even on the quarter version.

I'm beginning to believe that the hit probability for these games was changed somewhere along the way, making the jackpot less likely than it was when much of the game history was collected. I haven't intervened in the automatic ranking yet, but I'm considering it. In the meantime, yes, these games probably offer good value at their current jackpot levels, but perhaps they're not as lucrative as their rankings would make one think.

So, while you may want to devote some of your gambling budget to chasing them, you might want to set a limit on these games. Better yet, just go ahead and hit them so they'll be back down to the reset value anyway!

3. New Interactive Slots at

Great news slot fans! A new online software provider has premiered in the world of Internet gambling, and they're really making some waves. The new software is a brand called Rival, and one of the new casinos showcasing their games is

Among all the usual casino favorites, you'll find a new concept that they are calling I-Slots, short for Interactive Slots. Basically, it extends the popular bonus feature idea of slots and creates an entire storyline around a multi-scene slot game. Be sure to check these out. It's been several years since a promising new online gambling platform has appeared. This looks like it could be a welcome addition to all our usual favorites.

4. Video poker progressive lovers get a new option

MegaJacks from Playtech is a very popular game with video poker players, since it features a "full-pay" Jacks or Better video poker game combined with a progressive jackpot for the Royal Flush. The only problem is that the progressive value starts out at a relatively low $312.50, so the game often languishes at the lower levels due to players opting for the non-progressive version instead. That situation changes in a hurry once the jackpot gets over $1000, and the jackpot is usually hit within a few hours after that.

Well, those MegaJacks fans now have one additional choice that might occasionally provide an alternative game. Jackpot Joy has added a video poker game with the same setup as MegaJacks. Check out the game stats for Progressive Jacks or Better to see when it might offer a good opportunity.

Thanks for reading! Now, go hit a big one! -Ken-